Hi there I’m Gary. A web designer and developer from Hull. I grew up and still live in the quiet and beautiful county of East Yorkshire.

I’m not sure the same can be said for everyone in their professions, but I love my job! Ever since I was little I’ve loved designing and creating, whether it was drawing stick men when I was two, or drawing stick men over thirty years later, I still love it. I love the feeling that bursts through me when I have a new project or concept to evolve, creativity really does flow through my veins.

It wasn’t until I was at university that I realised the potential I had to become a mix of designer and developer. I would do equally well in design modules as I would in the programming ones. Since leaving university the digital world has changed quite a lot and advanced immensely. Keeping up with the latest technology and design trends is something I love to participate in, it’s a good job I love my job as this industry moves fast!

When I design a website I prefer to stick to a process, nothing too rigid, but flexible enough to work with different clients on different kinds of projects.

>  Plan  >  Design  >  Develop  >  Deliver

Obviously each stage has plenty of sub processes, but they’re all centred around getting the job done in the most efficient process possible.

I like to bring this simple but effective methodology into my design approach so that the users of my sites get a clear and direct feeling of who the website is for, what they do and what kind of professionalism they can expect from the company.

Nowadays the internet is mobile, so I create all of my websites on a responsive framework, namely Foundation Framework created by the amazing guys at Zurb. My website are currently built onto WordPress to allow a level of back-end customisation for clients. If a site needs a sprinkling of magic I utilise either CSS3 or some JavaScript to ‘snazz’ the site up a bit with animations or effects.

I work on a wide variety of projects involving lots of different skills. I’ve created branding and visual identities, designed brochures and posters, designed and built websites and also built mobile apps.

In my career I’ve had the pleasure of working on projects for some amazing clients, here’s a selection of some of the clients I’ve worked with either freelance or working as an employee at an agency.